How do I use laundry perfume?

The laundry perfumes from Ventilii Milano can be used for washing in the washing machine and for hand washing. The laundry perfumes from Ventilii Milano are suitable for any type of fabric/textile, such as clothing, but also sheets, towels, curtains, pillows, sofa covers, fabric dog bed, fabric cat bed, etc. The wax perfumes can also be used in combination with all types detergent and can be used with washing at both low and high temperatures.

The wax perfumes are a highly concentrated product and should always be mixed with sufficient water. We recommend that you always shake the bottle of washing perfume before each use.

A few ml of laundry perfume is enough to make all your textiles such as your clothes, bath towels or bed linen smell wonderful and give you a unique feeling of freshness for days.

Machine wash: Pour 5 to 20 ml of laundry perfume into the container intended for fabric softener, depending on the desired fragrance intensity you can use more or less.

Hand wash: Add 5 ml of washing perfume to 5 liters of water, during the final rinse. We advise you to use gloves to protect your hands.

Note: May cause an allergic reaction. Not suitable for consumption and keep out of the reach of children.

Benefits of Ventilii Milano wax perfume

See here some benefits of Ventilii Milano wash perfume:

  • Your laundry smells great, so you no longer have a musty smell to your textiles.
  • You no longer need fabric softener, the laundry perfume also softens your laundry.
  • You no longer need (too) expensive detergents, because your laundry always smells nice and fresh with the laundry perfumes from Venilii Milano!
  • The laundry perfumes from Ventilii Milano are very economical in use, with normal use you can 500 ml bottle wash approximately 100 times.
  • After washing with the laundry perfumes from Ventilii Milano, not only does your laundry smell nice, but your whole house also smells wonderfully fresh.
  • You can You can also drip a small amount of laundry perfume on the filter of your vacuum cleaner, so that a wonderful scent is spread throughout your house (or any room for that matter) while vacuuming. This makes vacuuming a joy.
  • You can drip a little bit of your favorite laundry perfume on a cloth and hang that cloth in your wardrobe, shed, car, toilet, for example.
  • If you a little of your favorite laundry perfume scent in an empty spray bottle mixed with some water, you can use it as an interior/textile freshener (for example your bed linen or towels).